401 strict-origin-when-cross-origin error using cloudflare proxied site

I have a website proxied by Cloudflare. When I load a page from the internal network (my office) there aren’t problems loading images of the page www. mywebsite .com/fp/approvate/307.jpg or mywebsite .com/fp/approvate/307.jpg (without www)
But from the external network (so using Cloudflare) if I call the page www. mywebsite .com/fp/approvate/307.jpg I have error 401 “Referrer Policy: strict-origin-when-cross-origin” and the image is not loaded, but if I call from the external network mywebsite .com/fp/approvate/307.jpg (so without “www”) the image is loaded and no 401 error.
Why? How can I solve?
Thank you in advance!

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