401 Status when trying to create a REST API Connection

Hello everyone,

we have a WooPress WooCommerce website and we are working with a third party Company to integrate to our CRM.
We are trying to use the REST API Feature of WooCommerce to access the JSON Data Dump but we are getting a Status 401 when attempting to access the Data.

We had this whole system working on a test site but this issue has happened now that we have moved to our Live Production Site. the only difference between the test site an Live is that Live is using Cloudflare so we are wondering if this could have something to do with the connection being lost on the transfer?

WooCommerce uses a Customer Key and Secret Key to grant access to the Data. and with out including these credentials you would also get a 401 error


Any Advice or thoughts on what could be causing this Connection issue would be greatly appreciated

You are most likely running into a challenge. Try whitelisting the IP address where you send the request from.

Thank You Sandro, I shall try your advice!