400 instead of 405 method not allowed

If I run the following command everything runs as expected

curl -i -X GET https://[cloudflare-site.com]

if I run

curl -i -X RANDOM https://[cloudflare-site.com]

I would expect to get a 405 response but instead I get 400. Is this normal for Cloudflare or have do I have a dodgy setting somewhere?

I can’t replicate this on a Worker or on any Cloudflare sites that I know of - either it succeeds or I get a 501 Not Implemented

Thanks @KianNH. After some more digging this appears to be an AWS ELB “feature”
They appear to have a white list of methods and if you pass a method that they do not recognise they return a 400 rather than a 405 for some reason.

For anyone interested here is the link to there docs on this matter

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