400 errors only when orange cloud on

This references support ticket 2255104 but I’m getting zero response from support.

When we orange cloud our domain I can consistently create a 400 error when trying to log into our web app with Chrome. If I grey cloud it, the issue goes away.

This started happening at exactly 3pm UK time yesterday so I presume CF rolled out a change that’s causing some issues. I’ve got a HAR file of the issue happening and our code hasn’t changed, the hosting provider (Azure) have made no changes in this timeframe so it’s 100% a cloudflare issue.

It looks like a load balancer issue - as the endpoint it happens on usually points to a load balancer. If we turn that off, the issue goes away.

What can I do to get some help with this? I’d like to orange cloud the domain again but it’ll prevent people logging into the web app.

Any help appreciated.


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