400 Bad Request for POST Requests to Self-Hosted Sentry

I’m encountering a critical issue with my self-hosted Sentry setup behind Cloudflare DNS and its built-in proxy. When Cloudflare’s proxy is enabled , all Android HTTP1.1 POST requests are failing with a 400 Bad Request error, completely disabling event capture for my Android app. When the proxy is disabled , everything works perfectly.

Key Observations:

  • 100% of Android requests fail under Cloudflare’s proxy.
  • iOS HTTP2 requests work flawlessly, indicating no general Sentry or server-side issues.
  • Failing requests have encrypted bodies (seen in Wireshark), while successful requests have readable bodies.

Troubleshooting Steps:

  • Bypassed Cloudflare’s proxy using a Cloudflare Tunnel (issue persists).
  • Verified Sentry configuration, server settings, and DNS setup.

Bypassed traefik and nginx using cloudflare tunnel, not bypassed cloudflare’s proxy.

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