4 sites out of similar 16 stopped opening

Hello, today 4 subdomains stopped opening (the sites themselves are working), sites open with vpn, they stopped opening in the cities of Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara.
Tell me what could be the problem(

If they don’t open for specific areas or ISPs then it sounds like they’re either having connectivity issues to Cloudflare or your sites have been blocked.

Ask one of the affected users to try load https://kras.polygalvostok.ru/cdn-cgi/trace to see if that loads - if it does, then they can reach Cloudflare.

this is how it looks like for me, please tell me how you can understand from this photo, if it doesn’t load where and what will be the value?

If it doesn’t load then you’ll know that the issue is that users can’t reach Cloudflare.

Another test you can do is to also get them to try load https://cloudflare.com/cdn-cgi/trace - if cloudflare.com loads but yours doesn’t, it sounds like something specifically blocking your domain.

Hello, thanks for yesterday’s answer, I removed proxying from the domain http://kras.polygalvostok.ru now the site is working, but complains that there is no SSL, although the main domain has SSl until 2036, I don’t understand what to do next

The certificate on your site is only trusted by Cloudflare - if you disable the proxy then it won’t go through Cloudflare, so you’ll get errors about untrusted certificates.

It sounds like the Cloudflare IP address associated to your websites could be blocked - it’s possible that ISP’s implement restrictions on certain IPs or domains. Cloudflare IP Address Blocked

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