4 Seconds to Load Headers?

My site, raiseadvertising .com is taking a very long time to load. In pingdom it shows that it’s taking 4 seconds to load the headers. Any help would be much appriciated!
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It’s probably because it’s a WordPress site. Install the Comet Cache plugin. Then test with a different browser you’re not logged into your site admin with.

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In addition to what @jules pointed out, a search for “Wordpress TTFB” will turn up similar issues and suggestions.

As @jules and @sdayman already suggested, that is a local issue. The site takes about eight seconds to load, be it directly or via Cloudflare. Around two seconds of that is for the main document itself.

I installed a caching plugin and was able to get it down to 4 seconds. It should load in less than one though… Thanks for all the help guys.

Can you post the timing chart for the home page doc/html? Let’s find out where the holdup is. Might be a firewall issue at your host.

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