4 Name servers

i wana add my domain to cloudflare. its provided me 2 names servers, but my domain dashboard is showing 4 name servers. So what to do here?

You can only use the two name servers Cloudflare assigned for you.

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Ok. I added the 2 cloudflare name servers.

What to do with the remaining 2 name servers?

should i keep them or delete them?

You should remove them. There aren’t any issues with only having 2 nameservers.

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Or maybe judge meant “remove” them.

The two Cloudflare name servers will use the DNS records you have in your account here. Just make sure you have all the DNS records that are listed at your host. Then you won’t lose anything when you remove those two other name servers.

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Autocorrect, my bad. I meant remove.

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I removed the remaining 2 name servers and saved all 4 names. Coz its been three days n i click Re check button already several times every day. but still no update from Cloudflare.

What’s the domain?

Thank u all for ur help. My domains just got updated by Cloudflare.

Once again thank u for ur tips and advice.


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