3rd party tool can't access my website

Hi guys!
I host 2 websites at WPEngine, site #1 gets the DNS directly (host - registrar) and #2 website uses Cloudflare, the problem is that for SEO purposes I need to use a tool:browseo.net to navigate my website… And I can use it for site #1, but not for site #2 (proof that WPengine is not the problem, as WPengine support also stated).

Any idea why Cloudflare might possibly deny this tool access to see the website normally?
And how can I make it allow?

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I found on a german forum, translated, from 2012:

Ok, please try again - it should work now. I think we still have a problem with HTTPS when the certificate has expired or is not signed, but here we are still working on it. Normal http but should not cause any problems

Please also like to continue to tell the bugs, only so we get the world

at WPengine I received a certificate, but I see my domain is using the Cloudflare certificate, can I switch ?

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