3rd Party SSL Certificate

Please Assist

The current SSL cert on a client’s site is expiring tomorrow. Can I purchase a 3rd party SSL and install it onto my Cloudflare account (free account).

If this is possible please share a link on how to.

If not possible what is the alternative solution.

Thank you again for any assistance.

You can use third-party SSL if you upgrade a website to the Business plan.

Otherwise, you can purchase one:

But since it’s expiring tomorrow, you could also ask Cloudflare support to expedite the re-issuance of the free certificate. https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/requests/new Make sure to say that the certificate expires tomorrow.

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Which certificate? Your server’s or the proxy’s? What domain are we talking about?

Hi Sandro

Thank you for getting back to me the domian is www.beachtag.co.za

You must be referring to your server certificate.

Your Cloudflare certificate expires only in April next year. Your server certificate however expires in five hours and you should make sure that you quickly renew that, otherwise you will likely get a 526 error on Cloudflare. However that is something that either your host has to do or you, yourself if you had that certificate issued on your own.

It is important though as you otherwise wont have a secure connection and will receive aforementioned error on Cloudflare instead of your site’s content. The certificate will expire in five hours at 12pm GMT.

Hi Sandro

Thank you again. I am not very clued up on this so I apologies for all the questions. Please can you explain further about the server and which server etc. I don’t want this website to go down for any reason.

Any extra help will be appreciated.

Your certificate must have expired at this point. Considering that your site is still reachable you must either have the completely insecure Flexible setting on Cloudflare or the less secure Full setting. If it is the former case you definitely need to switch away from that setting.

If it is the latter case it will explain why the page is still reachable but you should still renew your certificate and switch that setting to Full strict. Only that will guarantee a properly secure site.

As for the certificate renewal, who had that server certificate issued first? Your host? If so, you should contact them, respectively they should have renewed it automatically.

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