3rd party privacy concern: with Cloudflare enabled, there is unknown googletagmanager.com call loaded

Hi all, wonder if anyone has come across this.

With Cloudflare enabled: https://www.googletagmanager.com/gtag/js?id=UA-128285419-1 Is called and loaded during waterfall analysis.

When I disable/pause the service on my domain, this call now disappears, as this tag string is not in my web code, nor do I own it.

Note I am on the Free plan. I am trying to purge all google domain calls from my site. I have come to the conclusion this tracking ID belongs to Cloudflare Inc.? and is therefore forced on my site as part of their internal metrics?

Thanks in advance!

Which is?

Plus, did you check for any Cloudflare applications?

SOLVED. Thanks Sandro.

There was an old Analytics app Installed I forgot about that had that tracking ID.

I am glad to see Cloudflare would not load any 3rd party domains by default.

Yay Privacy Week :slight_smile:

My pleasure, glad it could be solved quickly.

Yes, Cloudflare does not typically load any additional content, except when you configure some additional security features, but even those are loaded from your domain or Cloudflare’s.

Good to know, thanks for the info and fast reply! You are a legend.

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