3rd Party -> 3rd Party Domain Transfer Impact?

We have a pro level account on multiple domains and are fairly new at managing them. We are about to transfer 5 domains from Go Daddy to Liquid Web.

I understand that once the transfer is made - we’ll need to reset the Liquid Web name servers to Cloudflare’s. However, are there any other steps we need to take to make this process smooth and have minimal downtime?

Can it actually be as simple as:
1 - Initiate domain transfer
2 - Wait for propogation
3 - Reset nameservers to CF’s on new host server.

Keep the namservers set to your assigned Cloudflare namservers when you transfer the domains and you can cross steps two and three off your list.

If you change hosting in addition to domain registration, you will need to update the corresponding records in your Cloudflare DNS.

Oh wow, great! Thanks for the reply @epic.network

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