3DS Cloudflare problems

I am in possession of a 3DS which has the internet explorer application on it, I have been reading stories on a certain website for a few years now via my 3DS. I’ve noticed sometimes I have to verify into the website through cloudflare, and I’ve never had any difficulties doing that, until last night. I was trying to get onto the latest chapter of the story I was reading and I had to go through cloudflare again, but this time it kept resetting the page and it wasn’t letting me past. I don’t know why it’s doing that as my device has always got through it before?

Are you seeing a 5-second “Browser Check” screen, or is is a CAPTCHA?

Is this happening on any other websites?

I’m seeing the 5-second Browser check which I’ve been getting before, I’ve not tried any other websites yet as I’m not sure which ones have this verification.

When it doesn’t instantly refresh, it usually gives me a popup saying that the script execution is taking a long time. Usually after that it continues to refresh once more.

That’s a JS (JavaScript) Challenge page configured by the site owner. I use that feature as well for bot traffic, as well as other suspicious requests.

Cloudflare can not override the site owner’s setting. You’d have to contact the site owner to see if they can ease the restriction. Let them know your IP address so they can easily track it down in the firewall logs.

Alright, will do. Thank you for the help!

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