3CX and Teams integration using SSL

Hi Guys,

I’m really hoping someone can help me and this is a quick and easy process.
We are currently setting up direct routing to teams via 3CX direct routing. Tutorial on 3CX website are very clear with the requirements of the SSL setup and installation onto the 3CX server. We seem to running into an issue whereby they are looking for intermediate certificate with origin and root certs as a chain PEM file. If you follow their guide below, it mentioned to create a CSR and private key using openssl. Which then is uploaded to Cloudflare when creating an SSL cert. Once done it provides a OA cert only. I require two PEM files one with the PEM chain and private key PEM file. The 3CX refuses to accept the PEM chain file with only the origin and root certs, Keep getting the same issue : 01/17/2022 1:35:06 PM - Exception creating Teams transport: Failed opening PEM chain file. Im hoping someone will pick this up and make sense of it all.

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