379 dns records added automatically

Support thinks I should post this here.

When adding a new domain it scanned and added 379 dns records. Originally registered at Godaddy, then setup at mediatemple. Most DNS changes reflect immediately which is nice.

Tried deleting and adding the domain several times after waiting 24 hours to see if it was some temporary DNS glitch, but to no avail.

Not going to delete them 1 by 1.

Did you have a wildcard entry in your previous DNS records? They typically result in more than 379 entries, but that could be the root cause.

You could always give @Cyb3r-Jak3’s cloudflare-utils a shot and see if it can help clean out your unwanted records more efficiently.

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This was just a typical new registration at godaddy. My guess was maybe it was pulling all of the entries from the shared IP at mediatemple, but this has never happened before. So removed from Cloudflare and I switched ns back to godaddy, then tried adding to Cloudflare again, but from 240 or whatever now it was adding 370. The domain would resolve to godaddy landing page.

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