307 Redirects in Pages

Any reason why 307 is not supported? Seems like only 301 and 302 allowed.

The initial release did include only 301 and 302 yes. I know they’re looking into expanding redirects so this is helpful for the team! :slight_smile:

307 doesn’t require anything special so yes, let’s get it out there! :slight_smile:

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Might also want to have the build fail if there are malformed redirects in the list, especially since there are no visitor logs.

When I first deployed my _redirects, I spot-verified a couple (both happened to be 301s) and assumed the rest were probably working. Took me a couple of weeks to realize that the 307s were all failing. Now I see in the docs that malformed redirects are simply ignored, and the failures don’t seem to be logged anywhere. That means I would need to recheck every single redirect manually on deploy.

Not sure a build failure is good but, a warning would be nice. I’m currently really pushing for a live request log. If that was added if someone went to one of these redirects it could also mention the fact this is disregarded. I’ll push this feedback over to the Pages team

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