302 Redirect Issue

Hi community,

I was using a 302 Redirect in .htaccess to direct people to a webinar event on eventbrite[dot]com using www.mydomain.com/webinar. I am now wanting to direct this page to a landing page within my WordPress site. I removed the 302 Redirect line in my .htaccess, cleared all the caches, but www.mydomain.com/webinar is still directing to an old/past event page.

I traced the redirects using redirect-checker[dot]org, and it’s showing a 302 redirect from Cloudflare. Even after purging the URL, it’s still redirecting.

What am I missing?


Would you happen to have a Page Rule with a URL Forwarder?

Hey! Thanks for this suggestion.

After I posted this comment, I reached out to my web host and they edited my .htaccess file. I think there may have been some kind of syncing issue with the SFTP client I was using.

This has been resolved!

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