302 Redirect Error, Can't Find Issue

My client’s site has gone down twice now due to an apparent 302 redirect error. We launched the site last fall, but these outages have only happened in the last week. Clearing the site’s cache solves the outage and brings the site back up, but we can’t tell what’s causing this error, and neither can our host (WP Engine, whose support said everything looked normal on their end, including our domain redirect settings). There are no looping page redirects on our site, either—we use a WordPress redirection plugin for these. I thought I’d check with the Cloudflare community to see if y’all had any insight into why this might be happening or if it could be at all related to anything through Cloudflare. Has anyone else had an issue like this? Let me know if I can provide any more info. Thanks!

We don’t have any more insight than any other person the site does not belong to. But indeed some people with outstanding knowledge are here, so if you share a URLthis happens on and is reproducible, then I am certain someone will look into and check whether this unwanted redirect originated at Cloudflare, or not.

Sure! The live site is at doctorsforamerica . org (sorry, it doesn’t want me to include a true link?). If anyone is able to reproduce the issue and can tell of anything that might be going wrong, it’ll be much appreciated. Thank you!

Thanks for the info, I had a brief look at the page and did not detect anything wrong, that would have caused a downtime. That ofc was to be expected as the site is back and running again.

Generally speaking Cloudflare does not cache 302 redirects from the origin (unless explicitly forced to) and does just forward them. That means that very likely something was wrong configured at the origin. If this happens next time please tell us exactly which URL does result in a redirect loop and we will have a look at.

Okay, thanks! I will keep the thread updated if/when it happens again. I appreciate your responses!

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