302 redirect code rather than 200

since using cloudlfare when I run my wordpress site through SEO checkers i’m told that my page has a 302 redirect code rather than 200. this is raised as a critical seo issue. is Cloudflare the cause of this?


Without knowing any info about the site it’s impossible to tell. The only feature that causes a redirect is HTTPS redirect, but uses a 301, not a 302…

Would you mind sharing the domain?

Thanks for your reply. The domain is hummingbirdhall.com

That 302 is probably set at your host. Some hosts have an option to redirect the root domain to the www.

Places to look: Your hosting plan’s domain settings (Dreamhost has such a feature), or your .htaccess file.

There’s a slight chance you added a Cloudflare Page Rule to do this, and chose a 302 (Temporary) instead of a 301 (Permanent) redirect.

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Thanks so much for the insight and for taking the time to respond. I’ll contact my host.

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