301 URL Redirect


I’ve created a page rule with a 301 permanent redirect, but I’m facing an issue…

When I type my domain without “www.” I don’t get to my site (gadbygrowth.com).

I have to type in www.gadbygrowth.com to get to my webpage, I can’t access it without the “www.”

This is how my page rule setup looks:

In the “URL (required)” field I have the following: gadbygrowth.com/*

Then I have: “Forwarding URL” → “301 Permanent Redirect”.

Then in the Enter destination URL (required) field I have the following: https://www.gadbygrowth.com/$1

(Obviously all fields are without: ``)

Does anyone understand what I’m doing wrong here?


  • Tinius

There is not a dns entry for gadbygrowth.com but there is for www.gadbygrowth.com

Please create a dns record for gadbygrowth.com so the hostname resolved. This should fix the issue.

Hey @brobinson1 Thanks, for the reply!

How do I create a dns entry for gadbygrowth.com?