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If someone can help with this i’d appreciate the guidance!
I’ve downloaded the redirection plugin on my wordpress site and it isn’t implementing the 301 redirects so I went ahead and set up page rules on cloudflare to perform these redirections instead - and these worked fine.
However, as I have well over 10 more redirections to implement and cloudflare only allows for 3 (on the free account) I was hoping someone might know whether the wordpress plugin is failing to implement the redirects due to cloudflare settings / cache etc. Is there some obvious way to work my way around this without necessarily buying extra page rules on cloudflare?
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I am afraid that’d be rather a question for [Redirection] Support | WordPress.org than the forum here. Cloudflare itself won’t stop any redirects, so the issue must be with that plugin.

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Alright, thank you very much!

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