301 Redirects, Page Rules, and costs

I basically want to confirm that I’m understanding the fees with page rules and redirects.

I have a website and I’m moving the domain name and site to a new host, which does not provide server-level access.

If I plan to change all of the urls on the website, such as:

I will need a separate page rule for each redirect url (20 right now)?

The costs run up to about $20 per month, solely to redirect the 20+ pages I have?

Am I approaching this correctly, or is there a way to get this done with a single Page Rule?

No server-level access? How about a .htaccess file? That can handle a bunch of rewrites.

If that’s not possible, it seems that Cloudflare Workers can handle such rewrites, and that only runs $5/month.


Nothing. It’s a SaaS host that does everything well, except they don’t have a mechanism for maintaining SEO for existing sites. Otherwise, I’d be hacking .htaccess!

I’ll checkout Cloudflare Workers, if that’s a workable solution


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