301 redirects from magento to WooCommerce

Hi, I have an old Magento 1.9 store which I need to redirect to a new WooCommerce store on a wordpress site

The old Magento is on the main domain e.g. mydomain.com
Wordpress/woocommerce install is on a subdomain: store.mydomain.com

Question is - am I best off trying to create 301 redirects with an .htaccess file on the main domain
setting redirects in the cloudflare dns

I presume either solution will require wildcards for the products as the url structure differs from one store to the other…

Any thoughts much appreciated


That’s going to be difficult to redirect example.com to store.example.com because then any requests for your main site will also redirect to the store.

Yes, I see your point
For the moment though, that’s the plan anyway
Just the subdomain, nothing on the base domain

Any idea of what’s the recommended duration of a 301 redirect?

This might bite you later, but:
Match example.com/* and set a 301 Forwarding URL to https://store.example.com

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