301 Redirects Failing in Every Way

What is the name of the domain?

What is the issue you’re encountering

301 Redirects are Failing

What steps have you taken to resolve the issue?

Trying to forward blog articles to our subdomain. Our team tried, everything and redirects are not working at all.

We ran a few more test today:

  • Ensured DNS Settings are correct
  • Proxy ON
  • SSL on Strict Mode


  1. worker failed: FAILED
    The log shows that is working and there are no error messages.
  2. redirect rules test: FAILED
    The rules is very simple. All pages except the home page, and pages that contain /p/ or /t/ get a 301 redirect to the blog with the same
  3. Page Rules: Failed
    Again very simple page rule
    ) chatbotslife.com// = Disable Performance
  4. chatbotslife.com/* = Forwarding URL (Status Code: 302 - Temporary Redirect, Url: Medium)

No forwarding is happening at all.

Screenshot of the error

Here is the Page Rule that fails: 2 Rules

Rule 1) chatbotslife.com// = Disable Performance
Rule 2) chatbotslife.com/* = Forward URL Destination: Medium

Change the AND to OR operator might work as you mention before “/p/ or /t/”