301 Redirection to my LinkecIn page randomly throws 522 errors


I have configured a 301 redirection for my website to point to my LinkedIn profile.
Some people reported me that my page doesn’t work - I got some screenshots it results with 522 for these people.
I cannot reproduce this issue on my end - for me it always works.

I have read this: Community Tip - Fixing Error 522: Connection timed out
And there is no solution I could really implement.
I have also read a lot of other guidances and there’s really nothing I see I could do about it.

Is there anything I could do to mitigate the issue, knowing that I cannot do any changes at LinkedIn’s side?

On Cloudflare? Or at the origin?

If you have set your redirect at the origin, move them to Cloudflare by creating a Redirect Rule. This will make the redirects happen without ever requesting anything from your origin.

At Cloudflare.
I’m afraid I don’t have access to the origin.

It is a Cloudflare Page Rule that I have configured the 301 in.
All the information I have found regarding 522 suggest that there could be some issues reaching LinkedIn from Cloudflare CDN, but I have no way to debug that :frowning:

That’s strange. The 522 would reflect a difficulty between Cloudflare edge and your origin, not Linkedin. Regardless of whether your domain is hosted somewhere or not, since you are redirecting from the edge, then AFAIK you should not see a 522, as Linkedin is only reached after the redirect is performed (and it is not, to the best of my knowledge, proxied by Cloudflare.). Do you mind to share some of the screenshots?

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It is indeed strange, I am no less surprised than you, as it doesn’t make a logical sense.

In the meantime I’ve got some additional information regarding this and I was able to reproduce it by myself - maybe it will help to understand the issue.
In my Instagram I have the link to my domain that has the 301 configured.
When clicking it in the Instagram app (android confirmed, I don’t know how about iOS), I got the 522 inside the browser embedded in the Instagram app.
And by the all means I don’t understand it, as the browser used should not make a difference, unless there is something uncommon that Instagram does - but I still wouldn’t expect the 522 from Cloudflare, which is the case.

Here’s my profile to check it: https://www.instagram.com/diving.devops/
And the screenshot:

Your redirect rule only covers the domain, any trailing characters don’t appear to match the rule and are sent to the origin.

typically to include trailing characters you’d use example.com/*


Could it be that there are some marketing parameters applied when it is clicked in the Instagram app?
I’ll add a wildcard to see if this resolved the issue :crossed_fingers:

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