301 redirection issue

So I have a weird problem I hope that someone might help me with. first a brief explanation of my set up. I have 2 domains registered by Namecheap that I ma redirecting to my main domain.
Domain 1 is footballgamblingfreaks.com which redirects fine
Domain 2 is sportpesagames.com which doesn’t.
Both these sites have identical page rules and set-up in my Cloudflare control panel.
The only difference with the two I that the sportpesagames.com used to be a complete Wordpress blog that I used to own and I deleted it and forwarded the domain.
When someone goes to the second domain there is no redirect, all they get is a timeout error.
I use the vestacp control panel for all my blogs and I have made sure I deleted any reference of the second domain from that control panel, I just can’t get it to redirect. does anyone have any idea how I can fix this since it’s driving me crazy and like I said the setup that I have for both domains redirections are identical.
One works, the other doesn’t.

The sportpesagames.com records are not proxied.