301 redirect page rule not working?

I configured a 301 redirect for the domain privateloanrates .com with the page rules listed below. However the redirect is not working?

Position 1
privateloanrates .com/*
Forwarding URL (Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirect, Url:
Position 2
www.privateloanrates .com/*
Forwarding URL (Status Code: 301 - Permanent Redirect, Url:

You don’t have any DNS entries for privateloanrates.com or www.privateloanrates.com.

If you have no website for these and they are just to be redirected, add dummy DNS records like:
@ A or AAAA 100:: (this is for privateloanrates.com)
www CNAME privateloanrates.com or A or AAAA 100::

When I attempt to create the dummy A record you mention for privateloanrates .com and insert AAAA 100:: into the IPv4 address field, a red error message is displayed:
Valid IPv4 address is required.

Not sure if I’m following your instructions correctly?
Your help is greatly appreciated!
Thank you.

Would it be better to configure a Dynamic Redirect instead? I just read an article that page rules are eventually going to be phased out?

Dynamic Redirects : Like ‘Forwarding URL’ but turned up to 11. Redirect based on the visitors country, their preferred language, their device type, use regular expressions (plan level dependant) and more.


I deleted both page rules and instead created a Redirect Rule.
It is still not working?
Your help is greatly appreciated:)

To further clarify, it is now a static 301 redirect rule.


When incoming requests match…

All incoming requests

The rule will apply to all traffic

Does this type of static redirect rule also require dummy DNS records?


I have a single static 301 “Redirect Rule” for the domain privateloanrates (dot com)
The redirect is not working?
Your help is greatly appreciated:)

For the redirect rule (and most other Cloudflare services) to work, the hostname needs to be PROXIED on the Cloudflare network. And to be able to proxy the hostname, you need the DNS entry. Without this, your redirect rule will never work.

Your DNS records for privateloanrates.com and www.privateloanrates.com should look like below. If you’re still having a problem adding the records, please provide a screenshot of your Cloudflare DNS page, showing what you entered and the error message.

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That worked. Thank you. However it may be of interest that the redirect leaves out the www. from the website where the traffic is being directed to. Any solution for that?

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It appears that by changing the position of the A record so that the www is listed first that appears to have resolved the issue:)

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