301 redirect page rule not working

Hey there,

I’ve setup the page rule below but it doesn’t seem to be working. Not sure where I’ve gone wrong.

Your naked domain is not proxied, hence the page rule wont fire. Given that it points to a service which already is on Cloudflare you wont be able to proxy it however.

try removing the https in front of the bnbmasteryprogram.com/home-page

So is there a way then for me to forward the URL?

As long as you cant proxy you can only do this at the origin.

To be totally honest, I haven’t got a clue what that means… Is there any simpler way to explain that? (Very sorry, I’m new to all of this)

Your records are :grey:, right? And you cant switch them to :orange:, correct? That means requests will never go through Cloudflare and hence page rules wont fire either.

Check if you can set the redirect on your server directly.

Which records? There are some that are proxied, some that are DNS only but can’t be switched and some that are DNS only but can be switched.

How exactly would I check if I can set the redirect on my server directly?

These will be the ones in question.

Thats something you need to ask your service provider I am afraid.

Service provider? I’m not sure who my service provider is, I thought everything was on Cloudflare.

Where your site is hosted. No, thats not Cloudflare.

Hmm okay I just looked into it and it looks like my hosting provider is Cloudflare, is what you’re referring to something different?

Cloudflare is not a hosting provider. You should know who your hosting provider is and their addresses is what you configured in Cloudflare.

The only thing that might work is if you set up your domain on the “www” record and redirect all naked domain requests to “www” as outlined under Redirect example.com to www.example.com. Requests going to “www” with that path still wouldnt be redirected by Cloudflare however.

I’d recommend to go through support.cloudflare.com as that will clarify most of your questions.

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