301 Redirect Page rule not working. Need help

Im trying to add a new rule to my domain arnotts.com

im using a free account so only have 3 rules I can use.

2 existing rules are already setup and working for subdomains I have created for re directions.

The 3rd rule which im trying to setup is to redirect from URL: arnotts.com/footy (just a URL, no page exists) to google.com (google will be replaced with another URL later).

Im using google.com for testing purposes.

Unfortunatly right now im getting a 404 error:

Checking the threads i noticed that someone mentioned they were able to fix the problems by adding an A record to the domain. But how do I do that as arnotts.com is the root.

Page Rules only work for sites proxied by Cloudflare, :orange:. In this case, the DNS records are :grey:, so the Page Rules will not be executed.

Hi Michael,

So if I change the CNAME record for Arnotts.com from DNS only to proxy this will fix the issue?

Will this have any adverse effects on the Arnotts.com domain or its website?







Yes, I that it will make the Page Rule work.

It might, so proceed with some care.

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