301 redirect not working


I recently made a page rule for 301 redirect for our domain but its not working. more than 3 days now, please what did i do wrong?

You havent set up any DNS records. You need to do so before page rules can trigger.


The record also needs to be set to :orange:, there is a tutorial on this too!

Using page rules to perform redirects

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The tutorial talks about subdomain of a domain but i want to redirect domainA.com to domainB.com

how do i do that?

Please how do i do that?

I setup an A record before but it was not redirecting

In the very same tutorial section there is also Redirecting One Domain to Another

Please use the search on the forum and check out Cloudflare’s documentation.

Can’t find it.

I have healthable.org on Cloudflare which i want to redirect to healthtian.com (not on Cloudflare) i have added the page rules (see screenshot above).

I added A records for healthable.org pointing it to healthtian.com IP and enabled the CF on it but instead of redirecting it takes me to its own homepage with dummy content from my hosting panel

Cant find what? Research always takes times.

Start with the links @domjh and I already posted.

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Please check the settings, hope i am correct?

Change $1 to $2. But for the rest it looks all right.


Sorry for the late response, seems to work now, but posts don’t redirect, only sends me to the homepage of the new domain instead the post/article.

I use wordpress

I have changed $1 to $2 though.


I am afraid I cant confirm that. Every request to the site gets accordingly redirected. Can you post a sample URL?

Thanks its working now

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