301 Redirect Not working with right setup


I added this site. makersblock.sg into my cloudflare account.
i have setup dns A records as below for
cloud is turn on.

Then i added a page rule for 301 for this domain ohmymi.sg

I think my setup is all correct based on what i search on the documentation here.
but when i load makersblock.sg its not responding at all.

did i screw up any settings?

makersblock isn’t resolving. Can you post a picture of your DNS page? I want to see which records are there. Can you also verify that the name servers at the bottom of that page are Grace and Jakub?

@sdayman this is DNS page. its pointing to hugh and lorna

DNS name servers don’t appear to be properly set. Did you ever enable DNSSEC on this domain? See if your registrar has this option and that it’s turned off.

How long ago did you add it to Cloudflare?

FireShot Screen Capture #287 - 'makersblock_sg whois lookup - who_is' - who_is

i pointed directly from whmcs. the registrar is on whmcs.
there’s no DNSSEC option, but from whois it says its unsigned.

i added the domain like 3h ago.

It can take up to 48 hours for DNS to update. It looks like the name servers have finally propagated.

And it looks like the redirect is working as well.

apparently i think the sgnic havent fully verified the domain yet. i panicked :frowning:
thanks @sdayman

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