301 redirect not working on https but will on http

Hi there, been looking for an answer but driving me crazy! Feel like I have everything set up, moved domain into Cloudflare, but my 301 redirect from www.classicnerdstuff.com–>www.classicnerd.com just won’t work – it will only work with http. If I try https://www.classicnerdstuff.com/ it just loops.

I removed all page rules except the following

And DNS is as follows:

(pasting because I’m too new to add more than one image)

A - classicnerdstuff.com –

A - www -

Can anyone help?? I do have gmail records on this domain, could that be doing anything?

You’re close. Your page rule needs to match the one in this tutorial.


Thanks – updated but still getting a loop with https. Works fine w/ http. Any other thoughts or anyone else had this happen?

P.S., tried flexible, full, and off for SSL in cloudflare to see if that had an affect.

They both redirect for me:

Oh phew! I think it just took a bit to get going. Google likes it now for the site move. Thank you!

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