301 redirect issues to website at Hostinger with DNS redocrds at Cloudflare

I am not able to setup 301 redirects for our website that we have built in Hostinger. We have been instructed to use Cloudflare for DNS records and have a CNAME with DNS only to redirect to hostinger which works fine, but any attempts to put up 301 directs in Cloudflare by single redirects, bulk redirects and page rules has failed. What would you suggest to troubleshoot this? I have been in touch with Hostinger several times but they have not been able to give me any advice to fix this.

Records must be proxied for requests to pass through Cloudflare and be redirected.

Are you redirecting from that hostname, or others? If that hostname and the Hostinger CNAME must be “DNS only” to work on Cloudflare, then those can’t work.

If others, do they have DNS records? Can you show the redirect rules?

Thanks! We are having a CNAME with DNS Only to connect.hostinger.com and an A-name to another servier for a subdomain. When I swith CNAME to proxy for the site and for the www it goes down, but it seems like directs start to work, but the site is not possible ot access. So it seems like you are right here! When I switch off proxy the site is accessible again on the domain, but redirects stop to work…