301 redirect issue

Why is the site not redirecting when I have set in place the same rule 301 forwarding to the target URL I have set up the exact page rules for for the othere permutations of the domain and they redirect without taking me to a page showing it not being secure

what’s the DNS name that’s supposed to be redirecting and where is it supposed to be redirecting to? is the DNS entry orange-clouded? if you’re doing the redirect via Cloudflare (Page Rules or Bulk Redirects) it has to be. Can you post a screenshot of your page rule?

Here it is … am I doing something wrong?

So you’re trying to forward knightmarez.uk to knightmarez.co.uk, correct?

Currently knightmarez.uk has no DNS entry hence it’s impossible for the forwarding to work

You need at least one A, AAAA, or CNAME record for knightmarez.uk and it must be orange-clouded. The target of the record doesn’t really matter if you’re only using it for page rule forwarding. For example, you could just create it as a CNAME with knightmarez.co.uk as the target… really doesn’t matter as long as it’s orange-clouded

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Thank you very much User4358

I have gone ahead and done that but presently is still not linking through and I wonder if this is to do with propagation?

See screenshot

http://knightmarez.uk/ and https://knightmarez.uk/ are both redirecting properly.

www isn’t redirecting because your page rule is for the knightmarez.uk apex domain only. You can make another page rule for www or change your existing rule to *knightmarez.uk which should match the apex domain and all subdomains

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Also you’ll want to add a $2 (will match the second *) to the end of the target URL, so https://knightmarez.co.uk/$2 otherwise if a user tries to visit https://knightmarez.uk/random/path the path will be stripped.

So URL of *knightmarez.uk/*, Forwarding URL, target of https://knightmarez.co.uk/$2

Much appreciated – its all good now