301 redirect is not working

Hi there, I’m trying to create a 301 redirect rule so that my root domain points to my www subdomain. I’ve been following a tutorial and, as far as I can tell, I’ve done everything as instructed but my root domain does not work (I get a “can’t reach this page” message).

The idea according to the instruction I’m following (as I understand it) is to NOT create a dns record for the root domain and only to create a rule so that the root domain is redirected to my www subdomain. The site will then perform better from an SEO point of view, apparently.

If someone can help me understand what might be preventing my setup from working, I’d be so so grateful as I am at a real loss as to why it’s not working (I’ve looked into other threads but not found the answer I need). FYI my site is on High Level.

You need DNS records for any type of rule to receive traffic. And that DNS record would need to be :orange: Proxied.

My favorite approach is an AAAA record set to 100:: as a placeholder:

You’ll need one each for englishpov.com, w, and ww, corresponding to the three Page Rules you show.

p.s. If you want any Cloudflare features applied to your www site, it also needs to be :orange: Proxied.


Thank you sdayman for your reply.
I’ve been told that for SEO, it’s best not to have the website split into 2 so to speak. I’ve heard that with the way most people set up their root domain and subdomain, the SEO score that is accrued is split in two (rather than all the ‘credit’ going to the one site) from a search engine point of view. Does the solution you’re proposing help to resolve this?

(This topic is outside of my field of expertise as you may have guessed so thank you for your help and I hope I’ve explained my query well enough)

Yes. It’s one of the primary reasons to create such a redirect.


Right. That’s why it’s important to have a canonical hostname; so you don’t have the same content on two hostnames, such as root domain and www.


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