301 redirect for one specific page on my site

I’m confused how to redirect just one page on my site.

For example - I want to always redirect: mywebsite.com/page1 to mywebsite.com/page 2 -
How do I do this? Thank you!


URL Forwarder (301) to https://example.com/page2

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Thank you - okay so where do I put that? Go to page rules?

Hi @hi113,

Yes, that’s where you would configure it. It should look something like this:


thank you SO much - this is exactly what I needed :slight_smile: THANK YOU :slight_smile:


Hi @hi113, you need to make certain you are directing them to a valid page. Does the page load if you enter your forwarding url in the browser address bar?

Hi @hi113, I noticed your ticket with Support and the issue. Do you see the redirect working now?

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