301 permanent redirect from root to www not working

I want realestateroadmaptowealth.com to automatically 301 permanent redirect to www.realestateroadmaptowealth.com. It’s not doing that. I set up a page rule but it doesn’t work. How can I fix this?

Records on Cloudflare:
A - realestateroadmaptowealth[dot]com - IP Address - Proxied - Auto
CNAME - www - sites[dot]ludicrous[dot]cloud - DNS Only - 1 hr

Page Rule on Cloudflare:

On Network Tools: DNS,IP,Email I am seeing two DNS records, but they are not listed in Cloudflare. Maybe this is the problem? Where are these coming from?
A - realestateroadmaptowealth[dot]com -
A - realestateroadmaptowealth[dot]com -

Those are cloudflare IPs

Proxy that record :orange:, it’s :grey: at the moment


I was told not to proxy that one by the administrators of the go high level platform that I’m connected to. I was told that I need to proxy the root domain, not the www domain.

Perhaps try & see what happens?

Tried it. Doesn’t work. You can check it for yourself if you’d like. The www record is proxied right now.


Your Page Rule is not is not being applied and that is causing traffic to be being proxied to a webserver that doesn’t know what to do with it. I recommend deleting the Page Rule and deleting any A record or AAAA record you have for realestateroadmaptowealth.com.

Once you have done that, create your redirect according to this guide that uses Redirect Rules and only one AAAA record…

If I delete the A record, won’t it take down my site?

No. You currently have no functioning site at that hostname. We want to to create a working redirect. That requires a :orange: proxied hostname, and the AAAA record in that guide is a better option since it cannot send traffic to the wrong host. That is what you are currently doing, which is why we need to remove it.

There is no need to delay fixing it because you are afraid you will break it. It already doesn’t work. :wink:

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I ended up going with a solution within Go High Level itself.

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