301 page rule redirects not working

I have three different websites using CloudFlare’s free services and all of them haven’t had an issue redirecting until now when one no longer seems to respect the page rule 301 redirects. The other two use the same page rules and redirect appropriately:

You should be able to use http://condoconnection.org and get it to redirect appropriately, but it fails. So does https://condoconnection.org. You end up with “Server or IP address could not be found.” ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

I’m not sure why this has happened. This particular site has a different registrar (Google Domains as opposed to GoDaddy) but that should not matter so far as I know. Your feedback is greatly appreciated.

Hi Cloudflare Team,
I am also facing the same issue.
I am using cloudflare for our domains topwebdesign.com .my, webdesigners.com.my & webdevelopers.com.my . We want url forwarding to tsdesign.com.my. Domain provider already changed the name server to cloudflare. We have already use url forwarding to tsdesign.com.my on cloudflare but the redirection still not working.

Needed to add an A record in the DNS. SOLVED!

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