301 page redirect - Bulk Articles Indexed from custom domain to Subdomain

For the context, I am using Blogger CMS, but this will be done entirely through Cloudflare

I have +100 indexed articles on Google and all on a Custom Domain.

I want 301 redirect the website and all posts on it from the custom domain to a subdomain.

The website redirect is easy through one page rule using Cloudflare. But my concern is related to all the articles indexed on the main domain.

If I 301 redirect www.mydomain.com & mydomain.com to subdomain.mydomain.com

will this also automatically redirect the articles with the same permalink?


www.mydomain.com/2023/12/ai to subdomain.mydomain.com/2023/12/ai

Or I have to set up 301 redirect page rules for the all the articles one by one?

I hope this is not the case because this will require almost (+100 page rules) which I think not the ideal case.

Please share your experience generally on the best effective way for 301 redirect topic, considering I do not have hosting. It is only Blogger & Cloudflare.


Provided that both example.com and www.example.com have their respective DNS proxied :orange: by Cloudflare, you can create a Redirect Rule and use Example 3 below, adjusting it to include both the naked and www. hostnames:

When incoming requests match:
Hostname is in {"example.com" "www.example.com"}
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Kindly re-read the answer, as what you said you want to do…

www.mydomain.com/2023/12/ai to subdomain.mydomain.com/2023/12/ai

…is given in example 3.

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