301 moved permanently can't work

I had set rules to 301 moved permanently for my site address a to address b, but it couldn’t work.

I put my site in heroku, and Cloudflare for SSL, is there any more step to do except setting rules?

Are you saying you do not have SSL on your server?

If so, your site is insecure to begin with and you should fix that.

Isn’t Cloudflare an option for SSL?

I am afraid it isn’t. Your server still needs to be secure.

If you don’t want any of the usual certificates, you can get an Origin certificate from Cloudflare but that still needs configuring on your server.

Thanks for your suggestion, I’ll set it up later, but now I need to know is there any step to do except rules?

Not really, the rules are doing the redirect, but I’d really fix the server first, takes a couple of minutes.

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