301 Infinite Loop with Invisible Page Rules


I tried to use a custom domain with CF pages. It failed. So, I moved my DNS settings back to their original configuration. However, it seems that CF placed some sort of infinite loop “page rule” on my account that I cannot see or edit. It does not get listed in the api either. So it’s not really a page rule. It just acts like one.

When I go to my domain, it redirects back to itself. This is not an issue with my server. I use GitHub pages and can use it with other domains on my account and other subdomains of this domain.

Currently, I am serving the page through my www subdomain and am using a real page rule to redirect to it. This page rule overrides the bad redirect.

Does anyone have any ideas about what might be causing this or how to fix it? I want to use my root domain.

Hi @macravin,

I doubt there is any kind of page rule there. Have you tried pausing Cloudflare on the site and see if it works then? Have you also checked the SSL/TLS mode?

Pausing cloudflare worked a few hours ago. It also now works after I unpaused it this morning.

I think that whatever CF pages script was messing with the site may have timed out.

It wasn’t really a page rule, but it was a redirect on Cloudflare’s side. It would redirect no matter what the record pointed to. In fact, it would redirect loop even if I deleted the root record all together. This was very odd because it would work fine if the root record was grey clouded yet redirect loop if there was no A/CNAME.

I am not too clear on your setup here. Are you using GitHub pages or the new beta of Cloudflare Pages? You have mentioned both.

I tried to use CF pages. When that failed, I tried to go back to my original configuration: GitHub Pages.

Hi @macravin. Have you tried deleting the custom domain from the Pages UI?

Unfortunately it seems like Pages takes precedence regardless what you have in DNS, unless you remove the custom domain. It’s a known bug, but not fixed yet.


I did. The problem seems to have fixed itself about 6 hours after I removed the domain from Pages. So I think it just takes some time for Pages to release fully or maybe a cleanup process ran at midnight EST or so.

Yeah, there are some issues there… Not really sure on an ETA. It should work, though, if the deploy works.

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