301 Fowarding


I am having intermittent connection trouble with a site that is being forwarded from another domain to a sub domain behind my Cloudflare account. The site store.example.com uses a 301 redirect to forward to example.mysite.com. Now there seems to be an intermittent connection issue when people go to store.example.com. Is there anything special I have to do in cloudflare when setting up a site to be forwarded to cloudflare from another source. I was told by godaddy (the other source) that the forward was being blocked by a third party.


A 301 just tells the browser to automatically to go a different URL. It’s like clicking on a link, but automatic.

What kind of trouble are you having? Are visitors seeing a particular error message?


The site was being very slow and at times unresponsive. I spoke with the costumer’s hosting provider GoDaddy and they told me that the cause was the forward being blocked by a third party. We ended up just linking people to example.mysite.com but it is important to our customer that store.example.com be functional.