301 forwarding rules

I created a forwarding rule, but it’s not working. The cloudfare NS have been added, but the doamin still opens a general godaddy website.
The website is not being forwarded properly.

When you navigate and check the DNS tab for DNS records, may I ask if the hostname like A domain.com or A www is existing, proxied and set to :orange:? :thinking:

Can you share a screenshot of that Page Rule?

Despite the needed one, may I ask if there are some other Page Rules too? Is the one you need for 301 Forwarding the 1st from above on the Page Rules list, or?

A defiretreat.com
A defiretreat.com

There is only 1 page rule, the one in the screenshot

I’ve got 522 error shown when I try to open your Website.

Not sure what I’m doing wrong.
I added the Cloudfare NS in my Godaddy DNS…