301 forward outdated url not working

I recently changed a website’s navigation and now older urls (about 21 of them) are showing as 404 Page Not Found. I tried to set up Page Rule to redirect but it doesn’t seem to be working for me.

Example of the old url:

Basically I just want everything with https://www.tymeinc.com/event-details/* to be forwarded to TYME Inc. - Investors - Events & Presentations

This rule is the 2nd rule.

Your examples don’t match your rule. Not even close with respect to the destination. You describe redirecting event-details over to a specific investors/events-and-presentations URL, but your rule redirects it to newsroom/press-releases path, but retaining the path from the original /event-details/ contents.

Ah Sorry is this the correct way?




That will send someone to /investors/e&p/2019/TYME TechNasdaq…Cancer/default.aspx

The $1 will be an exact copy of everything after /event-details/

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