301 Error - Help Please

My site is getting a 301 error. When I contact my hosting provider, they are saying they cannot do anything because it is pointing to Cloudfare. Anyone know how to fix this?

Are you attempting to access your site over insecure HTTP?

The status code 301 isn’t an error. A 301 is a redirect, which is either Cloudflare or your webserver sending you to another place. This can happen if you try to access your site over HTTP and Cloudflare automatically redirects you to the more secure (and often faster) HTTPS.

Could this be because of the cloudfare maintenance?


As I said before, 301 is not an error. 301 is either Cloudflare or your webserver returning a redirect, intentionally. It’s not a result of an error.

Where are you being redirected to? Is it causing an issue of some sort?

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To be fair to HTTP, HTTPS itself won’t be faster. If there are improvements in performance, then that will rather be due to a protocol switch when HTTPS is used (i.e. HTTP 2 or 3). And yes, I realise it may be confusing now for the uninitiated, when I mentioned HTTP 2 or 3 as examples for HTTPS - welcome to the world of protocols :smile:

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