30 waiting time with cache everything


my page rule is cache everything for domain.tld/ and I have with this configuration 30+ seconds waiting time for static content like images or CSS with wordpress. Many other same configuration with the same origin and same page rule are working perfectly. Any idea why this could happen?


I’m not clear on what the 30 seconds is. Cache Everything is just an override to force something to be cached. It does not handle cache timing. For that, you need Edge Cache TTL (as low as 2 hours), or Browser Cache TTL (as low as 30 minutes).

What do you mean by “waiting time”? This does actually not exists.
Pls provide Screenshots or something else that shows your problem.

Do you maybe mean “TTFB” repsonse time untill the file starts loading?

Also there are (like @sdayman explained) two TTLs

  1. Edge Cache TTL = how long CF keeps the file cached
  2. Browser Cache TTL = how long the user keeps the file localy cached

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