30 Second Read Request Timeout Error 408

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Indeed, the status code I am getting is 408 (error code 5408).

And I have run more tests and confirmed that any upload that takes longer than 30 seconds to complete triggers the error.

So what is the work-around please? How to upload an image that takes more than 30 seconds to upload? Is there a way to refresh the connection? TUTs?

I am using XHR for the upload to check progress and give user-feedback on upload status.

Thank you

Solutions offered in CF Discord:

  • just proxy it through your own api/server if you have one

  • There is no request duration limit for workers, only a CPU time limit or a run time limit

Great, so I will create an api endpoint for a worker to handle the upload via XHR, and then pass data on to CF Images. I’ll try this solution first.

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