~30% cached for basic static site

I’ve seen some other posts about cache percentage, yet still unsure about my own site and the results, specifically how to improve the percentage. My assumption was that a simple static site would have a high cache percentage with the right settings.

It’s a one-page site at the moment (ira.design) and I set up Cloudflare around three weeks ago. I am trying to get all this set up properly while I complete the full site that will be comprised of about ten pages; mostly project pages/case studies with a lot more assets.

Browser Cache TTL is set to “2 months”.

Caching Level is “No query string” because I do not use query strings.

And, I have a Page Rule for the URL set to “Cache Everything” and Edge Cache TTL at “a month”.

Past 24 hrs is 33.36% cached.

Past 7 days is 26.74% cached.

Finally, Headers response shows a MISS for cf-cache-status for all the assets.

Regarding the MISS, from the docs:
“Cloudflare looked for your resource in cache but did not find it. Cloudflare went back to your origin server to retrieve the resource. The next time this resource is accessed its status should be HIT.”

This ^ I really do not understand why it would happen in my case.

Am I doing something wrong with my choices and/or Page Rules, etc? How can I improve this?

P.S. I got an error that as a “New user” I am only allowed to include one image, so that is all I can add.


Cache is per-colo and it will only be filled when someone requests your assets.

Cloudflare won’t cache HTML by default either - if your site is fully static and you want to cache HTML, look at https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021023712-Best-Practices-Speed-up-your-Site-with-Custom-Caching-via-Cloudflare-Page-Rules

What is per-colo?

As I listed above, I have Page Rules set up:
URL set to “Cache Everything” and Edge Cache TTL at “a month"

Is that image from you visiting my site?

Cloudflare has ~350 colos and your sites assets will be cached in the colo that a user reaches when visiting your site.

You can check if tiered caching is enabled for your site which means the colos will talk with each other to get cached assets for your site. https://developers.cloudflare.com/cache/how-to/enable-tiered-cache/


Thanks. Enabled it - will see what happens in a week or so. I guess I’d be surprised if that suddenly made significant difference.

I first inferred “colo” as colony (i.e. region) lol. But now I understand.

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Customers enabling Tiered Cache can achieve a 60% or greater reduction in their cache miss rate as compared to Cloudflare’s traditional CDN service.

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