3 x longer page load w/ cloudflare

Prior to using Cloudflare (CF) my load speeds were great but I wanted to take advantage of CF’s great features. After the swap, I saw a drastic rise in the page speed, 11+ seconds. I’ve spent the evening caching my WordPress website and fine-tuning CF’s settings but I’m at a loss to why it’s still taking almost 3x longer to load.

As you can see below, my load speed with CF is XX (left side) and without CF it’s XX (right side).

What more can I do? I’m almost at the point of switching back to my host.

Thanks in advance.


Loading your site (directly; I presume your server IP ends in 243) still takes about ten seconds for me.

That could be a latency issue, but shows that your site does not necessarily load in two seconds.

In the context of latency, one potential reason could be that your direct requests went straight to your Australian host, whereas proxied requests might get rerouted to another datacentre (the Australian PoPs are only available for paid plans IIRC) which is farther away and hence takes a longer route.

Whats the output of https://deeperlook.com.au/cdn-cgi/trace?

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