3 same videos have been uploaded

If you upload the video on S3 from the app to cloudflare, 3 of the same video will be uploaded.
The video itself is fine.
Does anyone know the cause of the problem?

Did you call the API three times? Each of the API invocations will make a new video with a new video ID.

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Thank you for your reply.
It’s certainly possible that the API is running three times.However, the application was unable to support this…
Is there a setting in cloudflare to prevent uploads if the same video name already exists?

Uploading videos from the app via API. Is there any way to return an error on the upload if it has the same video name?

For some reason, the API runs 4 times.
Do you know how to solve this?

Stream doesn’t check if a video has already been uploaded before. How are you uploading the videos? If you are uploading it programmatically using the API, you should check if your app is making multiple calls to upload the videos. The best place to address this would be in your app logic.


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